Attorneys at law

Dr. Wolfgang Leitner

Attorney at law
Specializes in administrative law
Phone: 089/29058-122
Fax: 089/29058-206

Dr. Wolfgang Leitner

Personal details:

Law studies and trainee lawyer in Munich
1st legal state exam in 1990
2 nd legal state exam in 1992

1992 Doctorate on “Road planning and protection
of neighbors’ rights”

Attorney at law with Labbé & Partner since 1993,
since 2000 partner

Main activities

Consulting and representing property owners and companies, particularly in connection with access to properties by public authorities; representing affected parties in connection with the planning of specialized projects, e.g., pursuant to the German Federal Highway Act and the German Air-Traffic Act; securing and asserting claims for compensation in connection with public construction projects; enforcing and securing building permits and related representation before municipalities and public authorities; consulting and representing affected parties in reallocation projects