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Walter Labbé

Attorney at law
Specializes in administrative law
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Walter Labbé

Personal details:

Established the law firm in 1977

Main activities

Consulting and representing investors, developers, construction companies and communities with regard to the development of real-estate projects, particularly support with property-acquisition and hereditary-building right contracts; obtaining, enforcing and securing building permits under consideration of the planning of construction-project supervision

Enforcing and executing urban-development contracts

Plan approval pursuant to laws on the planning of specialized projects; representing property owners in plan-approval procedures (e.g., for roads, railways, waterways, airports)

Plan-approval law and right to eminent domain

Compensation law; property valuation and regulation of tax-law matters

Execution of reallocations of private building land

Property succession; preparing and elaborating contracts on farm-business succession, inheritance contracts, testaments, etc.