Thomas Wille

Thomas Wille

Thomas Wille

Attorney at law
Civil law
Phone: 089/29058-121
Fax: 089/29058-207

Personal details:

Law studies and trainee lawyer in munich
1st legal state exam in 1989
2nd legal state exam in 1992

Since 1992 attorney at law in munich

Since 2000 attorney at law with Labbé & Partner,
since 2005 partner

attorneys at law

Main activities

Judicial and extrajudicial representation of private persons, developers, development companies, building owners, construction companies and architects in all business-law, civil-construction- and architectural-law matters as well as construction-related law consultation

Consulting in the preparation, establishment and assertion of claims arising from service contracts, building contracts, developer contracts, notarial acquisition contracts related to real estate

Drafting and preparing rent and lease contracts, extrajudicial and judicial representation of clients in rent and lease matters

Extrajudicial and judicial representation of employees and employers in labor-law matters, particularly with regard to dismissal-protection law