Attorneys at law

Dr. Patrick Bühring

Attorney at law
Specializes in administration law
Managing director
Phone: 089/29058-130
Fax: 089/29058-206

Dr. Patrick Bühring

Personal details:

Law studies and trainee lawyer in Munich
1st legal state exam in 2002
2nd legal state exam in 2004

2004 Doctorate at LMU in Munich on “Constitutional-law leeway for tightening the laws on the right of assembly”

Since 2005 attorney at law with Labbé & Partner

Since 2010 partner

Since 2021 managing director

Main activities

Consulting and representing property owners and municipalities in the development of building land, particularly support in contracts related to the acquisition of property, and obtaining, asserting and securing building rights under consideration of the planning of the planning of construction-project supervision

Elaborating, assessing and enforcing urban-development contracts

Consulting related to plans for the use of land and construction

Executing private reallocation of building land

Land consolidation, pre-emptive rights

Urban restoration and development measures

Property-traffic law