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Ludwig Seitz

Attorney at law
Specializes in administrative law
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Ludwig Seitz

Personal details:

Law studies and trainee lawyer in Munich and Regensburg

1st legal state exam in 1971
2nd legal state exam in 1974

1974-1976 Assistant at the Faculty for Civil Law and Civil Procedure Law at Regensburg University,
Prof. Dr. Schumann

1976-1981 Bayerisches Staatsministerium des Innern (Oberregierungsrat)

Attorney at law with Labbé & Partner since 1982,
a partner since 1984

Main activities

Public planning (property law), particularly representing property owners in connection with access to properties by public authorities and/or energy-utility providers, e.g., for roads, railways, gas, power, telecommunication and water lines, construction/restructuring of airports, bodies of water (high-water clearing

Developing and making accessible building land, particularly urban-development contracts

Preparing land-development plans and construction plans

Land consolidation and reallocation due to urban development; pre-emptive rights

Urban restoration and development measures

Consideration of tax aspects, such as business closures, withdrawal, reinvestment and speculative periods