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Kerstin Feiler

Attorney at law
Specializes in family law
Specializes in inheritance law
Phone: 089/29058-115
Fax: 089/29058-207

Kerstin Feiler

Personal details:

Law studies and trainee lawyer in Munich
1st legal state exam in 1996
2nd legal state exam in 1999

Since 1999 attorney at law with Labbé & Partner

Since 2002 Consultant for family and inheritance law

Since 2003 Specialized attorney for family law

Since 2008 Specialized attorney for inheritance law

Main activities

Family law, particularly preparing prenuptial agreements and inheritance contracts, separation agreements and agreements on ancillary consequential divorce matters; asset- and matrimonial-property law consultation and settlement; assertion of and objection to claims for alimony

Inheritance law, particularly property succession, proceedings related to certificates of inheritance and to the law of statutory shares, drafts for testaments and inheritance contracts

Accelerated inheritance, drafts for contracts related to farm-business succession, property cession in order to compensate heirs

Seminar speeches on family and inheritance law, particularly in the fields of agriculture, farm-business succession and compensation of heirs