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Andreas Königbauer

Attorney at law
Civil law
Phone: 089/29058-124
Fax: 089/29058-207

Andreas Königbauer – Rechtsanwalt bei Labbé und Partner

Personal details:

Studies of law and trainee lawyer in Augsburg an Munich
1st legal state exam in 2016
2nd legal state exam in 2018

since 2018 attorney at law with Labbé & Partner at unit Dr. Pauker

Main activities

Legal and extra-judicial representation of private persons, developers, builders, contractors and architects in all civil engineering and architectural law matters; drafting and design of building and architectural contracts

Judicial and extra-judicial representation in matters of civil real estate law including civil neighbor law, design and drafting of real estate contracts, in particular purchase contracts, hereditary building rights, easements, declarations of division and community regulations for condominium associations

Consulting as well aslegal and extrajudicial representation in inheritance matters, drafting and drafting of wills and inheritance contracts, enforcing or defending inheritance and compulsory portion claims

Insolvency law, in particular representation of creditors in the assertion of separation and segregation rights and against the insolvency administrator in the event of insolvency challenge, filing of claims

Out of court and legal representation of commercial companies, shareholders and managing directors in commercial and corporate law matters

Judicial and extrajudicial enforcement or defense of civil claims